AGCPro LLC is a consulting company serving the 

munitions response 

geophysical community.


As principal of AGCPro, David Wright is an acknowledged industry expert in the application of geophysical technologies to munitions response investigations. Mr. Wright has been active in research and development for munitions response geophysics since 1999. Recently he has been at the forefront of the emergence of advanced geophysical classification (AGC) as a viable tool for reducing costs associated with remediation of munitions response sites. Mr. Wright has a well demonstrated, deep understanding of AGC as well as the formalized quality management systems and project planning required for its implementation.


AGCPro provides consulting services for the following:

Quality Management.png

Quality Management System (QMS) Development

for Munitions Response Geophysics

AGC specific quality management systems are now a requirement for performing AGC work. Used properly, an AGC specific QMS will provide a framework to manage the technical risks associated with performance of AGC projects, minimizing potential costs due to quality failures and associated rework.

project planning2.png

Munitions Response Geophysics Project Planning

Proper project planning will confirm that the stated project objectives are achievable using the proposed technology; identify the metrics required to ensure that the objectives are being met; and identify potential limitations to the technology and conclusions that are based upon the investigation results.

Independent ‘Third Party’ Data Review

Independent review of a subset of the derived results from geophysical investigations provides the end user with an additional level of confidence.

Geophysical Sensor Systems Development

  • Collaborative development of advanced terrestrial and marine geophysical sensors and arrays
  • Validation of system performance (required for regulatory acceptance)
  •  Integration of new systems into existing quality management systems